This_Beautiful_Life_Lesley_GraingerTHIS BEAUTIFUL LIFE  |  16X20 original on paper  |  SOLD HERE

HELLO! Yes I’m still here! I know it’s been such a long time and I should have shared more but it’s been a crazy busy time for me and my family. I opened my online shop in early January and I’ve been focusing on that quite a bit. We’ve also been busy with my daughter graduating High School. There was so much going on, I had to juggle a lot of stuff. She graduated June 19th and then we surprised her with a ticket to England for a month with her best friend. We have a lot of family in England so thankfully they have places to stay.

So I wanted to share a long overdue update of my business. In 2010 I started licensing my children’s art on multiple products. I love creating art for kids! I was blessed with some wonderful opportunities and connected with some fantastic people.

‘Behind the scenes’ I was painting abstract for my personal enjoyment. Something just for me that I wasn’t selling or sharing. Painting is a spiritual thing for me, helps me to really look deep into myself and push my creativity and intuition. The more I painted the more I felt the need to share my work. So I began sharing on social media and over time realized this is what I truly love doing. So I took a leap of faith and launched my online shop selling original art. Since it opened in January, I’ve been so blessed with people liking and purchasing my original work. I will continue to create children’s art, surface pattern and illustration because I love that too. But somehow I needed to be able to do ‘all of it’. In the beginning I thought I had to choose between one or the other, but that’s the amazing thing about being an artist, having the ability to create whatever the imagination has to offer!

I have a lot of great things happening that I will share more about later. I will be teaching an abstract painting class in September at the Saddleback Ex Creatis Art Studio. Details to follow soon.

I do a lot more updates on my Instagram, you can follow me HERE. 

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