Kickstarter – Your Santa Movie


My husband has a new exciting project with Kickstarter.  Your Santa Movie is a 30 minute interactive movie custom made for your child that includes Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and Henry the Elf as they sing songs, read stories, tell jokes and make crafts while addressing your child by their own name throughout the movie. It has taken him three years to produce this movie but it is finally finished and ready to launch today!!

Here is how you can help… Please take a moment to look at the project and please consider purchasing a pre-order Movie for a special child for Christmas. The pledges begin at one dollar. To order a full personalized HD movie uniquely produced for any child, the pledges begin at $30. You can also pledge to receive a kids personalized Christmas print illustrated by me.

Thank you so much in anticipation of your help with this. Please click here to view the Kickstarter project

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