What’s In Your Heart

BeTrueBeYouI’ve always known from being five years old that I wanted to be an Artist, my dad wanted me to be a Secretary šŸ™‚ I understand and appreciate why he thought that. He believed in working hard and doing your best, my mom taught me that I could do whatever I wanted. I combined both lessons they taught me and pursued my dream of being an Artist. I believe in listening to your heart because it knows what you want and searching for my truth is a journey that I continue everyday. Some days I need to remind myself of this when things are a struggle or it’s not happening fast enough. I have a lot on right now, I do enjoy being busy but sometimes I need to take a breath and clear my thoughts. Sketching is one way I clear my head and get back to my truth, not being distracted by things around me. I use to be a sprinter in high school, and we were taught to never look at the other runners because it will slow you down. I still keep that philosophy in my head focusing on my goals because comparing only brings on negative feelings. We all have a uniqueness about us, nobody can beat you at being you, the challenge is to discover that uniqueness and find what is in your heart, to be true and be you. Have a great day everyone.

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