Designer Tips

Home page8Hello everyone, we are getting closer to Surtex. Only 18 days before I leave. Yikes!! So much to do I have to rush this blog post. I get emails from other artists and I wanted to share some information for new designers starting out. There are so many great online classes right now. I wish they had them when I was starting out. Sadly we didn’t even have internet. Haha that makes me sound very old but the internet is not that old, right 🙂 Here are a few tips:

  1. You will need a portfolio with collections, illustrations or whatever is your medium preference. Normally collections can be 3+ designs.
  2. Website with portfolio
  3. Contact companies and ask them if you can submit design samples.
  4. Go to Surtex and walk the show. May 18-20. Every year in May. I wil be there this year if you can visit, you can come by my booth.
  5. Tara Reed offers a ton of information for Artists starting out I would recommend reading thru her blog and resources. Here is her website:
  6. Tara Reed also offers licensing coaching.
  7. is a great resource for trends and things going on in the business.
  8. Learn how to do pattern repeats, a really good book I would recommend by my friend Laurie Wisbrun, you can purchase here.
  9. There are tons of really good online classes for Designers that want to get into the business. I would recommend doing one at a time because they can be expensive and time consuming but really fun. Again you will learn a lot from them. It also helps you to network with other designers with the same passion.
  10. Great online magazine/directory for designers –
  11. Good online class –
  12. Lilla Rogers online classes –
  13. Social media is really important, get connected with people.
  14. Start a blog and make what you are passionate about. Let people see  your joy and what is authentic to you.
  15. Lastly, take your time to research and learn. I have given you a lot of information, don’t be overwhelmed, enjoy the process and your heart will guide you.



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