Valentines Tradition


Happy Valentines Day everyone!!

We have a family tradition that we do every year that started when the kids were born. Once we had our first baby in 1996 (wow) I would give Lily her bath, bottle and put her to bed while my husband Iain made us a surprise dinner. He worked in restaurants when he travelled the world from the age of 18. He visited 26 countries in 7 years, then we met!! I still can’t believe he did all that. He has so many stories to tell. I’ll share sometime. Anyway, he still makes us a yummy dinner, but we include the kids. It’s such a nice way to say I love you. Today it’s not a surprise cos we saw the huge brisket go in the oven at 8am. He goes all out, today he is making Brisket, vegetables, mash and my favorite Yorkshire pudding. Yorkshire is a county in England were we are from. 


My new Treasure Map fabric will be in stores in March, I am so excited about this collection I created for the AMAZING Riley Blake. I am going to do a fabric giveaway in March, so check back for details. Also, I’m looking for sewers to create kids items with my fabric. Please email me if you are interested

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