Then and now :: They grow so fast!


I was going thru all my pictures and I was comparing my kids from when they were young, I was shocked how much they have grown! Lily is 17 and Ethan is 11. We are preparing for College, how did I get here so fast! I do miss them when they were young, life seemed a lot simpler in some ways. I do enjoy them now, we have lots of giggles and we are all so close. We eat dinner together at the table every night, that is important to us. I hope they do the same with their families. We moved to the US in 1999 when my sweet little Lily was only 3, she had an English accent and then when she started Kindergarten she came home from school and said, “mommy from now on I’m going to speak American”, and she did!! She never went back to speaking English, now she wishes she kept it. I don’t actually know how she switched it so easily, I think she probably faked it at first then it became natural. Ethan was born here in 2002, he was my miracle baby after struggling to get pregnant for a long time. I lost a baby the year before him, and so I always say I got a ‘double the fun’. He is such a blessing, so much fun and makes is laugh all the time. Being a mom is #1 to me, thats why I love my job even more, because I get to be with them. I usually stop work at 3 when they are home, unless I have a crazy deadline. They do their homework in my studio, which is actually the front room of our house, nothing fancy! Maybe one day I will have a dream studio, but for now the dining room is perfect šŸ™‚


  1. oh my lesley, i agree — time goes by sooo fast!!!

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