Studio Snapshots


We had a long weekend, so I did some painting. Thought I would share some snapshots of my painting area, it’s not a fancy studio or anything. But it’s perfect for me, I love to paint, my dad said to me just yesterday do I get tired of painting, I told him, never! It’s therapeutic to me. If I’m feeling down, painting lifts my spirit and takes me to a happy place!




I always make a big mess when I paint.




I draw in my sketchbook almost everyday. I wish I had the time to turn all my sketches into finished art. Sketching helps my ideas to flow and relaxes me. I would rather draw than watch tv.

This is a very large painting that I started a while ago, I like the way it’s not finished, it hangs behind my desk until I get the urge to paint it.


This is a smaller painting 12×12. I much prefer to paint big, but I still like this one. It’s not finished yet, it has more transformation to go!


  1. Carmen says

    Hi Lesley,
    It’s a nice change to see photos of your studio and workspace. Thanks for sharing.

    • Lesley says

      Thank you Carmen, nice to hear from you! Have a good week.

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