Target Rocket and Spaceship

Hi blogger friends, so its been a while, I’ve been busy with kids, work and all that! But wanted to share with you my latest ‘Blast Off’ children’s wall art collection available in your local Target Store. I am so thrilled! They turned out really nice. Blast Off Spaceship and Rocket are printed really well on a stretched canvas wood frame, already to hang and inspire your children. When I was little I Ioved having artwork hanging on my bedroom walls. My imagination would just be so inspired by the art. I’m still the same. I told my kids when I was little I would imagine that my toys came alive while I was sleeping, my kids replied ‘me too!!!!’ They were so amazed that we thought the same thing. Ask your kids that and I bet they say the same šŸ™‚ Have a creative day!!!


  1. Hi Leslie – I love your work…I stumbled upon it a year or so ago!

    I know you have done many scripture artwork pieces…by any chance have you done one for "REST"…i am doing an online bible study series which includes art journaling. I would love to feature your art if you happen to have something that would fit in with REST.

    The study will run all July and I am posting art on Thursdays in July. Let me know!

    P.S. I think I saw you are in OC…I live in Buena Park. šŸ™‚

  2. hi melissa, thanks so much for stopping by, sorry i didn't reply yet. it has been busy around here with summer, kids and artwork! I love summer but its always so busy. I don't have a 'rest' design butI would love some rest right now:) I love doing scripture designs, I get so inspired by God's word with my work. I live in OC not far from you at all šŸ™‚ Hot today right!! God bless and have a great summer.

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