Pottery Barn Kids


Photo credit: Pottery Barn Kids

Hey everyone! I know it’s been soooo long right! Truth is, I tend to put my blog last because I’m so busy with business and home stuff. I find Instagram so much easier and quicker. I just finished a whole bunch of deadlines, so I’ve made a commitment to you that I’m going to try and post once a week. Yay, I do love speaking to you and sharing stuff that’s going on.

So about a year ago I was asked to submit to my abstract art to Pottery Barn Kids, I was so excited but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. Yunno being an artist has it’s ups and downs, just like everything else. So after many presentations and lots of hard work between many people, my art is now available at PBK.You can see the canvas art HERE 

Next week I’m going to share more about how I took my business from children’s illustration to abstract painting.



Photo credit: Pottery Barn Kids


I take inspiration from everywhere, nature, surroundings, feelings, experiences, interiors, life!!! I also love to do series, inspired by a specific theme of thought. Recently I’ve been exploring making marks, then responding to each mark, and how each piece evolves into another piece. I love to explore line, color, form and texture in my sketchbook. I usually start out in my sketchbook, kind of like warming up, it gets me into a flow. I love listening to music while I work, often a song or a will inspire a whole painting. What inspires you?


summer rain

I have some NEW abstract pieces exclusively with Serena & Lily. You can check them out HERE! 

Warm Afternoon Sun

Some of these pieces have been influenced by the weather here in California. As you know we are having a major water shortage. It’s been a really hot summer, but we had some gorgeous summer thunderstorms. These pieces are inspired by those moments.

what happens next

Saddleback Art Exhibition

My art exhibition at Saddleback Church was so amazing, I wanted to share pictures of the installation but I didn’t have time to actually get any shots. The whole process took three night with lot of awesome people from Ex Creatis volunteering their time. The first few pictures are of the final day of installation from my sweet friend Karen who thankfully did get some shots.








This is the opening night, it was so amazing to see everyone enjoying my work. I got some wonderful feedback and questions.




























Thank you to the EX CREATIS Team


This is Jason Leith, he helped me organize the whole show. He is an amazing artist with a huge heart for the Lord. He uses his artistic talents to help the homeless, you can read more about him on his website SACRED STREETS.


My Husband Iain, my daughter Lily and my son Ethan with me at the show.

Thank you to Karen Shattler Photography for the photographs. Karen’s Facebook Page.


March is my birthday month and I appreciate my followers so much I wanted to celebrate by doing a BIG spring SALE. The sale starts March 1st and finishes March 31st.

Being An Artist

One of the most interesting things about being an artist is that you can create anything you want to. I started with licensing my art on children’s products now I’m selling original art in my online shop and licensing it with great companies. It’s such an exciting and rewarding career. I literally never stop thinking about what I want to create and there is not enough hours in the day. There are so many options for being an artist these days for people starting out. From Interior Design, Architecture, Graphic Design, Web Design, Painting, Licensing, Fashion Design, Illustrator, the list goes on. When I decided to become a full time artist I never knew where it would take me or even how I was going to do it. I just knew that is was what I was suppose to do. Everyone’s journey is different and unique, there is no exact way to go about it, just follow your heart and it will flow from there. It’s never too late to start, I finished my art degree in my late 20’s and didn’t really start my career until my 30’s.

The above painting is a recent one, sold in my shop. Click on the image to view more details.

Saddleback Church Art Exhibition

Saddleback Exhibition

Excited to share with you my first art exhibition. This has been on my to do list of for a long time and it’s finally happening! I’ve been preparing for this for the last couple of years. I have been going to Saddleback Church for 16 years, they recently opened an art gallery in the main worship center. It’s so beautiful, I feel so very blessed and thankful to have such an awesome church that embraces Art.

You can find the show information here. It is presented by Ex Creatis Arts Initiative. I will be exhibiting a series of abstract paintings that I hope will bring joy to your senses and speak deep into your soul through the language of color.


Ex Creatis is a community-focused arts initiative within Saddleback Church. This is a center for artists to come together and serve, using our individual creative talents to speak as a collective group and spark imagination, connection, and illumination. The regular happenings in Ex Creatis include Thursday night Studio Collective, art exhibitions and installations, and community engagement through art.

I will post pictures of the show in March.


The English Room




A great big THANK YOU to Holly Hollingsworth Phillips at The English Room for the lovely post about my work. So excited to be featured on her amazing blog. You can read the feature HERE.

Holly Hollingsworth Phillips is a residential interior designer and co-owner of The English Room, which is based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Holly’s style is elegant, eclectic and colorful. She has completed homes all over the east coast that have ranged from the super modern to very traditional while keeping it true to her style. She loves overseeing the design process from beginning to end. The best part is when your clients really trust you and set you free to do what you do best. Her love of color, pattern and layering of old and new can be seen in all her work. According to Holly, “Color makes people happy!” She loves the mixing the tradition of the past with the modern style of the future.

Reflecting 2014

Ocean JewelsOcean Jewels – Print in Shop

End of a the year is a great time to reflect and look back at what we’ve accomplished, but also look forward to what dreams and plans are ahead. 2014 was a year of growth and growing pains. I’m thankful for what I’ve learned and accomplished but now I’m looking to what lies ahead and the plans I have to 2015. I’m excited to plan my goals for the next year. I love this verse, it will be at the top of my ‘to do’ list for 2015 “God can do anything, you know — far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!” Ephesians 3:20 (MSG)

Share a dream or plan you have for 2015? One of mine is to have my first art exhibition, that will be in March. Very excited about that, I will share more later.

Happy New Year blog friends, I wish you much joy and happiness for 2015, I hope all your wildest dreams come true!!


Light Shining Thru


Being an artist has its ‘ups and downs’, but doing something that you love is worth all the hard work. For all you artists out there that have felt the sting of rejection, don’t give up. Keep going, your heart knows what it wants, you just have to listen, follow and do. The more no’s we get, the closer we get to a yes. This painting is called ‘Light Shining Thru’. Have I told you lately that I love abstract!! It inspires and leaves so much to the imagination. Have a blessed day everyone.

It’s Complicated

ItsComplicatedHappy Friday everyone. Here is a new painting I wanted to share called “it’s complicated” I love painting abstract, its my favorite thing to paint. A place I go to express my thoughts and get immersed into the creativity of the mind and soul, it takes me to a spiritual and happy place that gives me joy and freedom. I never know how the painting is going to turn out and that makes it more interesting. I keep pushing myself until I feel that the piece is finished. I love this quote, very inspiring to continue growing…

“Unless you try to something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson