Love Print Studio

NoahsArkFriendsHope you had a great summer, my kids went back to school today so now I can get some serious work done. I love them being home in the summer so I tend to lay low for a bit. We had a smashing summer!! Now I’m back and I can share some goodies with you. I had the privilege of doing a little interview with the lovely Louise from the Love Print Studio Blog. We met at Surtex in 2011 and I love her work, its nice to catch up every year. You can read it here. You can also purchase the Noah’s Ark Friends print here

Kickstarter – Your Santa Movie


My husband has a new exciting project with Kickstarter.  Your Santa Movie is a 30 minute interactive movie custom made for your child that includes Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and Henry the Elf as they sing songs, read stories, tell jokes and make crafts while addressing your child by their own name throughout the movie. It has taken him three years to produce this movie but it is finally finished and ready to launch today!!

Here is how you can help… Please take a moment to look at the project and please consider purchasing a pre-order Movie for a special child for Christmas. The pledges begin at one dollar. To order a full personalized HD movie uniquely produced for any child, the pledges begin at $30. You can also pledge to receive a kids personalized Christmas print illustrated by me.

Thank you so much in anticipation of your help with this. Please click here to view the Kickstarter project

Hello again


Trusting Yourself – 10×10 mixed media on canvas

Hope your summer is going great, I love it when my kids are home for the summer. Wow has it been that long. With Surtex and my kids finishing school for the summer I have been totally swamped. But I have got some exciting news to share, some of you may know that I absolutely love to paint, I have been painting for years but I was so busy with other design work I didn’t put a whole lot into trying to sell my paintings. This summer I will be launching my abstract expressionist paintings on my etsy shop, I’m so excited to share them with you. If you could see my studio and house, they are overflowing with paintings, I’m running out of space to keep them. So it’s time to share them with the world. If there are any paintings that you have seen on my blog and would like to see them in the shop, please email me. I will be selling prints and originals. When I was in Art College, I studied illustration but I also painted abstracts, I was very inspired by Klee and Chagall.  When I was 21 during my college years, I was working in a pub in Yorkshire, England. A man came in at lunch for a pint and said it was his 96th birthday, I asked him, if he could give me any advice about life, he said to me “variety is the spice of life”. I never forgot that, it has stuck with me throughout my life. I have never been the type of artist that can only do one thing. I truly believe we are all on a path and we just have to follow what our heart tells us. Hope you enjoy :)

Surtex 2014 Sneak Peak

Collection Preview-FreeLIttleBird_Grainger

Hello everyone, HAPPY FRIDAY. Only one week to go before I leave for Surtex. I know I said I wasn’t going to post before I leave but I wanted to show you a little sneak peak. I have a lot of new designs to share but here are just three collections. I will be debuting my new categories and themes, such as, florals, holiday, Christmas, inspirational, patterns and of course all new baby & kids. Please stop by Booth #647 to say hello. I’m looking forward to seeing clients, fellow artist friends and meeting new people. For all of you that are going, have a happy and safe trip. I will share how everything goes after I get back. Have a lovely weekend!

Collection Preview-Darling_Grainger

Collection Preview-StepRightUp_Grainger

See you in NYC

LesleyGrainger_Surtex2014This is my last post until I get back from Surtex, only two weeks to go. For all of you designers that are not going and want to go. I remember that feeling the last two years, wishing I was going but kind of relieved that I didn’t have the crazy deadlines. Just remember your time will come and enjoy your creative process in getting there. There is a lot of competition but I always like to think that there is plenty of work to go around and not everyone is looking for the same thing. Have a great weekend!


Surtex is just around the corner

Canada Map_GraingerSurtex is just around the corner and I’m so excited to share my new designs. The last time I showcased mostly children’s art but this year I’m debuting more categories and patterns, such as, florals, christmas, and everyday art. I have been working 7 days a week to get everything done. If I’m not working, I’m thinking about design and what I need to do, so why not work anyway. My hubby has been so helpful, making dinner and helping me around the house. He is so great! I’m posting a children’s map I did for Target, only available in Canada.

Designer Tips

Home page8Hello everyone, we are getting closer to Surtex. Only 18 days before I leave. Yikes!! So much to do I have to rush this blog post. I get emails from other artists and I wanted to share some information for new designers starting out. There are so many great online classes right now. I wish they had them when I was starting out. Sadly we didn’t even have internet. Haha that makes me sound very old but the internet is not that old, right :) Here are a few tips:

  1. You will need a portfolio with collections, illustrations or whatever is your medium preference. Normally collections can be 3+ designs.
  2. Website with portfolio
  3. Contact companies and ask them if you can submit design samples.
  4. Go to Surtex and walk the show. May 18-20. Every year in May. I wil be there this year if you can visit, you can come by my booth.
  5. Tara Reed offers a ton of information for Artists starting out I would recommend reading thru her blog and resources. Here is her website:
  6. Tara Reed also offers licensing coaching.
  7. is a great resource for trends and things going on in the business.
  8. Learn how to do pattern repeats, a really good book I would recommend by my friend Laurie Wisbrun, you can purchase here.
  9. There are tons of really good online classes for Designers that want to get into the business. I would recommend doing one at a time because they can be expensive and time consuming but really fun. Again you will learn a lot from them. It also helps you to network with other designers with the same passion.
  10. Great online magazine/directory for designers -
  11. Good online class -
  12. Lilla Rogers online classes -
  13. Social media is really important, get connected with people.
  14. Start a blog and make what you are passionate about. Let people see  your joy and what is authentic to you.
  15. Lastly, take your time to research and learn. I have given you a lot of information, don’t be overwhelmed, enjoy the process and your heart will guide you.