1. JoAnn R says

    You must have been thrilled!

  2. KM says

    Do you know if these pj’s are available from any retailers/e-tailers? Or are you implying it was a custom/for the shoot item (one of a kind pjs)? I have seriously been looking for adult outer space pj’s for a while. I get these odd ideas stuck in my head from time to time. Awesome fabric. Thanks!

  3. J.J says

    Hi Lesley! Finally I found you! I’m really like the rocket pyjamas. Where I can purchase it? Waiting your reply!

  4. CK says

    Hi there,
    Just saw the rockets pj in a print add in Real Simple and love the fabric.
    I see others have asked too and I wonder if they are available for purchase. I get an error when clicking on your ‘shop’ link. What I’d really like is a pair of boxer shorts for my boyfriend. He loves rockets and quirky boxers. Any chance either the fabric, pjs or boxers are available for purchase?

    • Lesley says

      Thank you for your comment. The fabric is available to purchase online but I haven’t seen any pjs made. It would be great for someone to make them šŸ™‚

  5. Mark says

    So where exactly online can you buy the fabric and how much does it go for?

    • Lesley says

      This fabric is not longer available.

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