Yorkshire Tea

Happy Monday morning everyone. Hope your weekend was relaxing. I spent a lot of time organizing, not a lot of time to do that when your a mom and run a small business from home. For my quiet time every morning I like to have a nice cup of Yorkshire Gold tea with a little milk to smooth the taste. It’s amazingly good and one of England’s finest Teas. (Yorkshire is the region were I’m originally from in England).  . I make it for all my friends and they love it so much, they buy it. Available here. Let me know if you get some. BTW I’m not affiliated with them. Have a great day. Check back Wednesday for another post.


  1. Lovely design. I'm from yorkshire too, and love a nice cuppa!

  2. ErikaB3 says

    Adorable design. My MIL is from Yorkshire. Bradford to be exact. Happy Tuesday everyone!

  3. ErikaB3 says

    Movely. My MIL is from Yorkshire, Bradford to be excat.

  4. ErikaB3 says

    That was supposed to be lovely. haha! I need to drink my coffee before I comment on blogs.

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