Christmas Traditions

I’ve almost finished my shopping! Just a couple more gifts. I love Christmas, my absolute favorite holiday. A couple of my favorite family traditions that we have done every year since the children were small, we watch Polar Express and drink hot chocolate when they drink it in the movie. We also like to go to the boat parade around Balboa Island and drink more hot chocolate. Please share one of your favorite family Christmas traditions šŸ™‚


  1. Our family tradition is a little different, but still very special to us.
    We are usually alone on Christmas wince our family is so far away, so when the kids were little we started making homemade pizza on Hcristman Eve. I would gve each kid their own pizza crust to decorate. Then we would listen tp Christ,as music and sit around the tree while the pizza cooked.
    Now we make about 4 different pizzas and sit around the table with some wine while they cook. It's a very special time. I look forward to having grand babies to share this tradition with.

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