Life’s Tapestry

My son has been home sick for a week, so I havaen’t had a lot of time to work. I needed to do something creative, so I played around with some watercolors. It’s always fun to create a random design using a different medium. My days are so busy working hard and juggling many things. It’s not easy being a mom and  running a business. But my family always come first. I put my work second to them, thats why it has taken me years to develop my business. But I believe everything is in God’s timing, not mine. I once heard a story that life is like a tapestry, we see the bottom with all the strings hanging down and we can’t really see the picture. But God sees the top of the tapestry, woven together, creating a beautiful story. I like that, it makes me feel better about life’s imperfections and difficulties.

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  1. Robyn says

    You are a beautifully talented artist and woman! You are an inspiration, My Friend!

  2. Love that beautiful analogy about the tapestry, my friend! I hope your son is feeling better! Beautiful art as well! BIG hugs!

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