Doodle Friday

Jeremiah 29:11 one of my favorite verses! My artwork always starts with inspiration from God. It helps me to focus and stay on purpose for what God wants for me and not what I want. We can get so wrapped up in the everyday things and forget what our purpose is. This verse really helps me to remember that, I like to doodle a lot. I am one of those people that everywhere I go I’m doodling. It really helps me to focus and listen. I actually doodle when I’m in church, I get so many ideas listening to my Pastor and doodling. My husband use to think I wasn’t listening and would give me a little nudge! But in fact, doodling is actually good for the brain. It helps me to stop fidgeting and gather my thoughts. I never really did that great in school because I’m so right brained. There has been a lot of research on doodlers recently about how doodling helps you to pay attention. Here is one.

I love this, “when you’re being creative, you’re most like God because you’re made in His image!” 
– Pastor Rick Warren (my awesome Pastor!!)

So I’m starting a new thing called ‘Doodle Friday’ to get our creative thoughts going. I will share my doodles with you every friday. If you would like to share some with me, email me low res jpg and I will post my favorites next week. They will be on my new blog next Friday.

Happy doodling friday to you all.

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