Doodle Friday

Happy Do-A-Doodle Friday everyone. Doing this post has inspired my work so much. I have been doodling all week, just while I’m waiting. It’s amazing how much time we spend waiting for stuff. So I have been carrying around my sketchbook and really letting my mind free up and embrace the creative process. It is so interesting to see how each doodle develops from the previous.

Try This
draw a doodle, maybe birds, flowers, trees. Whatever it is you love, then from that doodle draw another one. Do this a few times and see how your drawing develops. One tip, hold your pen or pencil loosely, like halfway and it will loosen up your drawing and your mind. If we hold on tight, it tightens the creativity. Interesting! Even if you think your not the creative type, just try it, you are using the right side of your brain, it is like a muscle that develops the more you use it.

Doodlers, Unite!
What inspired me to do this blog post was a video I watched on-line. So I wanted to share that with you here.

Here is one of my doodles for this week.

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