Close to my heart!

June 23, I thought was the last day of school for my kids but became a turning point in our lives! 

I was looking forward to a relaxing and fun summer with my family. I haven’t been posting much lately because I had a lot of personal stuff going on. I want to share something very close to my my heart, I don’t often talk about family life too much on my blog. But today I want to share a story that has changed our lives forever. 

My husband was having chest pains for a couple of months each time he exercised, he thought it was the cold weather getting in his lungs or being tired. He hurt his back lifting something and went to the doctor to get his back looked at. He happen to mention the chest pain, so our amazing doctor decided to do further tests. They discovered he had damage to his heart. Last thursday he went in for an Angiography. We really didn’t know what to expect. Long story short the heart surgeon put 4 stents in his heart to unblock his left main artery.  The surgeon told us my husband was very lucky they caught it. My husband is 45, very athletic (plays a ton of soccer) and healthy. His cholesterol was high and that was the only early indication of this problem, the chest pain came when the artery was really blocked. His high cholesterol is genetic. The surgeon said he survived because he is healthy and fit. He is now doing great, feeling more energized and no pain. This was a very difficult time for us and we now have to be very careful to eat right, exercise and really take care of ourselves. Please get your cholesterol checked. It’s a matter of the heart!

PS Hoping to get back on track next week, stay tuned for some new art.


  1. Zilly says

    Thanks Lesley for sharing this personal story. A good health is everything. Because of our busy lives-we easy get carried away. I'm glad he was on time-his body was giving a sign already and that's life saving. Wishing you lots of good health-love and luck. Greetings with heart&soul; from Sil.

  2. Tracy says

    Oh my! Thank our dear God that he was able to catch it early! Bless your hearts, literally! Thank you for sharing this…it's hard to "open up" about personal stuff, but we're all just human online, too and can definitely appreciate everything you've said. I am 41 (yikes!) and have been having chest pains recently. I've ignored them, telling myself it's just those achy heartburns or icky gas UGH! Sorry šŸ˜‰ tmi here! But now I'm thinking I'd better go in and tell the doctor. You just never know. And my mom died suddenly a few years ago just out of the blue and the coroner said it was heart related. (No autopsy…wish we had now.) Thanks again for sharing and know that many people will be thinking of you all right now. šŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments. I wanted to make sure I let everyone know what happened so others can learn from what happened to us. that people know how important keeping a low cholesterol is. We feel so blessed, God is good! Take care!

  4. Admin says

    Hope your husby is feeling better already! Best of luck and thanks for sharing your story with us!

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