First time at Surtex

New collection sneak peak!
This will be my first time at Surtex and I’m so excited and nervous. It will be a totally new experience for me. For the last few months I’ve lived and breathed designing for the show. Someone said it’s like planning a wedding but I think it’s way more! I have a lot new collections to show and can’t wait to be there with all the amazing talent. My husband will be there too, it’s our first time to New York so we have some fun days out planned. If you’re there please stop by and say Hi – Booth 255 šŸ™‚


  1. bonnie says

    Oh how exciting for you both…I love New York….it's just buzzing and it was mine and my husband's last holiday just us two before babies!!! I was pregnant there but didn't know I was….apart from the fact that I was eating everything in sight…lol!!! Good luck and most importantly, have fun! Hugs, Bonnie x

  2. cheryl says

    that is so cute!!! i hope you have fun! =)

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