Blue sky

I’m doing my last minute stuff for Surtex. 
All the best designs are done at the last minute šŸ™‚
It’s been a crazy last few months getting ready. 
All I seem to do is paint, draw, design and print!
I’m more prepared than I thought I would be at this point.
Can’t wait to meet everyone and reveal my new collections!

I’m looking forward to a long lazy summer with my family.
aaahhh I can see the beach!

More tips and tidbits

11. Have a variety of design for seasons
12. Quality not quantity
13. Label all your work with a number or name
14. Keep your work organized
15. What market do you want to work in
16. Look out for manufacturers in that market
17. Research the companies you like
18. Keep up-to-date with what products they have available
19. Learn about licensing contracts
20. Learn about copyright
21. Keep focused on your work
22. Don’t be distracted with what you want to do
23. Have a vision of what you would like to do 
24. Make a plan about your vision
25. Keep your plan simple

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