Thank you to everyone for my birthday wishes, I enjoyed reading them!

Yesterday was our 15th Wedding Anniversary, we actually met 20 years ago today. We wanted to get married on the anniversary of the day we met, but that didn’t work out. So we got married on my birthday which was kinda dumb, I have a hard time remembering it! So we celebrate it on the day we met.

My husband is the best! He has been so busy lately but he still managed to make my day special, he does every year!! We went out for dinner and when we got home he gave me a yummy chocolate ice cream cake. I looked in the freezer for it this morning but it wasn’t there! I thought to myself I don’t think we ate the whole thing, but NO he wouldn’t put it in the fridge would he? I opened the fridge and there it was, all sprawled out, my lovely chocolate ice cream cake looking quite sad. awwwwwww after 20 years you just have to laugh šŸ™‚

Just for FUN, if your in the mood share a funny story about your birthday!

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