One of my favorite Painters is the French artist Henri Matisse (31 December 1869 – 3 November 1954). He was  known for his use of color. I studied his work during my art degree. He loved bright and expressive color. He used a lot of primary colors in his art. His later work is my favorite called gouaches découpés. Large pieces of art created with paper collage. I saw some of his originals when I visited the Art Museums in France. They are just AMAZING!

Red Fish – By Henri Matisse

The Pink Tablecloth – By Henri Matisse

Blue Nudes – Henri Matisse


  1. Hi Lesley! Sending you greetings from Iowa! Just found your happy blog!! Love your Matisse print! So pretty! Keep up the great work!!

  2. Sarah S. says

    HI Lesley,
    I agree, Matisse's work is inspiring, one of my favourites is 'The Snail' – don't know why but I just like it. I love your print too, gorgeous colours!

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