Playing with color

Last week I talked about ‘becoming an illustrator’ and how I developed my love for color studying abstract art. Here is a painting I did back in art school. I let the color take me where it wants to. It has a way of making you reach deep inside yourself to that place were only you and God can be. Color is intuitive with our emotions and is attached to our feelings. Think of what colors make you happy, relaxed, peaceful. We all have our favorites and dislikes. What you like and I like I as different as every flower. When I choose color, I let it come from within, my instincts tell me. People like to play it safe with colors but next time you feel like that, choose something you really love. Don’t think to much about whether its good or not, or if your family will like it. Look outside at Gods amazing palette, He didn’t hold back. Have a blessed day!

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