Becoming an artist…

I receive a lot of emails asking me how I became an artist/illustrator. So I’m starting a new topic, Illustrator/Artist Tips. For ideas on how to become an illustrator or designer. I always loved drawing, so much so, that I did my degree in Illustration and Design. That’s how I really got started with being an Illustrator. It opened my mind so much to the opportunities available to every kind of Art and Art form. It is one of the best things I ever did. Of course, apart from marrying the love of my life and having two beautiful children with him.

What is an illustrator
An artist who creates pictures for magazines, books, advertising, greeting cards, posters and newspapers.

Becoming and Illustrator
So my first tip would be to refine your artistic skill. Whatever it is you love to draw. Study it, learn about that art. Draw and sketch, create images that develop the way you like to draw. Your style will come the more you learn about how you like to create. For example, when I started my degree, I loved Abstract painting. That’s how I learned and developed my skill of color. I studied Abstract Art and Artists.

Tell me…
Tell me if you want to become an illustrator or designer. Leave me a comment about your questions and I will try and answer the best I can.

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