Blast Off Growth Chart in Target

Well… back to school… and time for me to get some organizing done after a fun summer with my kids. I’m always happy AND sad to see them go back. Mom thing yunno! Happy that I got to spend the summer with them and sad that another year has gone by. Wouldn’t you agree the best thing about being a mom is watching them grow… doesn’t it go by so fast! My daughter starts high school next year. Oh wow! Don’t want to think about that just yet! So I wanted to share with you today my BLAST OFF GROWTH CHART in Target Stores. I think Blast Off is a perfect fit how they grow so fast… right! My son likes to tell me which star or planet he is as big as… I love it! Have a great school year.. I wonder how much they will grow this year šŸ™‚ You can see BLAST OFF …HERE

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